Our mission is to elevate Black and POC creatives to see the power in their work and art as we build a community that fights for justice and equality. This organization is run by BIPOC artists, and we believe in being on your side with full transparency and making sure you are valued for your work. We see your time, we see your energy, we see you. 

Expression Against Oppression is grassroots collective of BIPOC artists fighting to creating space that celebrates Black, Brown, and Indigenous creatives. We crowdfund grants to offer to artists for different social justice projects or to simply support their expression.

We exist to  to give power to the people, and power to the creatives of the world. 

We aspire to create and design safe playground spaces in marginalized communities. We also work on revolutionary projects that focus on racial, social, environmental justice issues through art installations, projection aorund Portland, and wheat-pasted projects that bring powerful messaging directly in
the street.